What Are The Different Types Of Natural Stone Planks?

What are the different types of natural stone planks

The beauty of natural stone is definitely unquestionable. Their natural complexion, colours and textures cannot be copied in any laboratory. So if you’re planning to rejuvenate your house, I suggest you go for natural stone planks. Their beauty will create a timeless elegance to your residence. 

Now, you must be thinking which plank tiles and stones to use in your residence to give it a classy, modern or traditional look? So, here we are with a complete guide on a variety of natural stone planks to make it easy for you to choose. Take a look at it. 

What is Natural Stone Plank?

We already have gone through Natural Stone Plank in our previous blog. But let’s do a quick recap again. Over the last couple of years the new fad has been “ Planking”  whether it be tiles, ceramic or pavers, the efforts were made to create a wood planking into a wearable surface that will be attractive and durable for outdoors as well as indoors. Most of the attempts have failed but the Natural stone has done what the others couldn’t. Natural stones have created the wood planking look, with the durability of stone. This stone offers something that no other planking would ever offer. The absolute beauty of real wood with incredible durability in any area of your home. 

Now when you know everything about Natural Stone Plank, let us move forward with different types of Natural Stone Planks.

Types of Natural Stone Planks:

To most people, all stones are the same. But it’s not, not all stones are created equal and there are different categories and unique types of natural stones that have a variety of functions and styles:

Sandstone: Stunning and unique stone

Sandstone is a stunning natural stone that is formed through a natural process. It is a classic sedimentary rock which is formed underground. It is formed when small particles of sand are buried beneath other minerals and particles.  These stones are not popular only because of their distinctive style but also for their reliability for many centuries. Sandstone is used in both exterior and interior applications. This natural stone is durable, beautiful and eco friendly. It is used for different purposes like showers, flooring, countertops, sinks and much more. It doesn’t require much care and is also replaceable. Sandstone is available in wide variety of colors and textures such as Beige, brown, fossil, flint and slate grey. Sandstone paving is truly gorgeous and can add value to your property.

Marble: Luxurious Tiles

Marble has been a building block of loyalty for centuries used in building palaces, monuments and temples around the world. Its elegance and beauty is attractive till now, popular in homes, palaces and monuments they aren’t shy about showing off. Tiles made from this material has an unrivalled prestige that offsets their drawbacks. It is a metamorphic stone formed from limestone subject to intense heat and pressure through the natural movement of the earth’s crust. Its cool polish gives it a charm and is probably more durable than you think. Perfect for Kitchen countertops, Bathrooms or entryways. It is a pattern oriented stone that has mostly white, black or grey background with the unique pattern in the middle.

Granite: Durable and Stylish Marble

Granite an intrusive igneous rock or a type of stone formed when volcanic lava pushes up between rocks and then cools down. Made up of compressed quartz, mica and other tough materials. It is marble’s closest competitor in terms of look and is much harder than marble which makes it slightly more durable. Granite is well polished and honed and is ideal for countertops. Granite is loved for its impressive durability, sandy texture and strong resistance to dirt and being a building material it can be in cathedrals, bridges and other public buildings. In homes it is used in paving, tiles and for kitchen countertops.

Limestone: Elegant and Modern Tiles

Limestone tiles have an appealing modern, rustic look and smooth finish. Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed at the bottom of an ocean or lake from shells, bones and other calcium rich material. When these materials crystallise under pressure, we get our favourite material i.e. limestone. Its unique texture, light colour and impressive strength make it a beautiful and well performed tile and is also affordable. These polished limestone tiles come in a range of earthy, muted shades which makes its appearance a popular material for floors, walls, bathrooms and pool areas.

Travertine: Eye Catcher and Showstopper

A special limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits, caused by limestone absorbing calcium carbonate from the surrounding environment. Comes in a range of earthy hues, from pale beige and tan to darker rust and brown shades it adds drama to any space with its surface. Its features like durability and impact resistance makes it perfect for heavy surfaces like your kitchen and bathroom floors. It needs more maintenance but can survive the toughest climate.

Slate: Warm and Elegant Stone

Another elegant option made of tiny fragments of slit and clay compacted under high pressure and heat. Slate can withstand the weather for upto 200 years before it needs replacing. These tiles are durable, easy to clean and maintain and are stain resistant than any other tiles. This natural stone is more giving and warmer underfoot and feels great to walk on, somewhat like limestone. Slate tiles are polished, honed and sandblasted and make a beautiful appearance on walls and countertops.


The variety of natural stone tiles may be menace at first, but it’s actually a blessing that you got a number of tiles that are naturally made and are well finished, polished and honed. You can choose them according to their colour and characteristics. Consider all your options and needs carefully to find the option for your home.  Stone Footing, a leading natural stone wholesaler in the UK, is prominent in supplying bespoke finishes of natural stone planks for paving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there more tile options available in Natural stone planks?

A. Yes, there are many more options available that include Quartzite, Onyx, Terrazzo, Dolomite and many more.

Q. Which natural stone plank is more durable and can face bad weather?

A. All these natural stones are durable and can withstand the weather for upto 200 years as they are naturally honed, polished and well finished.

Q. Are all stones created equal?

A. No, not all stones are created equal. They are available in different categories with a variety of functions and styles.

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