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Natural Stone Product

Natural Stone Product



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Our Top Selling Products

Rainbow Smooth Honed Sandstone

0.00 £
Rainbow Smooth Honed Sandstone is an Indian originated smooth honed sandstone. It is also referred to as the Rainbow Sawn Smooth Honed Sandstone, where it provides top range diamond sawn Indian sandstone paving solution. It has a slight quartzite surface presence that offers the paving with a natural sparkle. It has a very calibrated and vibrant, vibrant, multi-colour appearance. Due to this, it has been named the Rainbow Honed sandstone.

Kandla Grey Sandstone

385.00 £485.00 £
Kandla grey sandstone, or Bhilwara grey sandstone or silver sand sandstone, is a naturally found hard sandstone. It is the hard-wearing sandstone that has a natural bluish and grey color. The color formation is mainly due to quartz grains that get cemented naturally together with silica and calcite. The Kandla grey sandstone provides the solid modern feel of bluestone that is ideally paved around the pool, making it look simply stunning. Kandla grey is one of the most popular natural sandstone paving types we offer.

Modak Sandstone

0.00 £
Modak sandstone is a natural sandstone with a stunning mix of rose, honey, terracotta and pink. It has a light, riven surface whose appearance mixes elegantly with the natural environment. This sandstone is mainly hand cut, and its slab offers various color variations. The modak sandstone has its origin in India, and India is also the largest producer of it. 

Rippon Circles

306.00 £441.00 £
Rippon Circles comes from the warm and colorful Rippon riven sandstones. It has fine lines and swirls of rusty orange, purple and pink tones compliment any garden area. Also, the colors on the Rippon buff circle kit appear beautifully when they are in wet condition. Rippon Natural Sandstone Circle Kits also provides paving sunset buff or golden leaf sandstone. It is known as the golden leaf sandstone due to warm golden tones created by merging the sandstone's orange, pink, and purple tones.

Teak Smooth Honed Sandstone

0.00 £
Teakwood Smooth Honed Sandstone is also known as Khatu Teak Sandstone. It is a fine-grained dense sandstone with beautiful variations of smooth, light yellow colour veined in it. This soft honed sandstone has a distinct range of available paving where it can leave an impressive mark with its vibrant yellow color shades. Its presence gives a complete crisp and clean feel and resembles the texture of wood.

Garden Ornaments

100.00 £
By garden ornaments we refer to the composition of certain minerals and grained quartz in a blend of different combinations that are born out of the Earth’s crust. The Indian Natural Stones, that are the perfect creation of nature in order to beautify the surroundings and interior projects. This includes stones like Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Limestones etc. confessed for their uses as building stones.

Mint Fossil Cobbles

610.00 £
Fossil Mint Cobbles are both frost-resistant and highly durable Indian Sandstones. It naturally mellows down over time with natural weathering and settles into the garden environment. Due to this, it makes for excellent Mint Fossil Indian Sandstone Cobble Blocks for the garden areas. Apart from this, the Fossil Mint Natural Sandstone Cobble Setts 200x100 40-60mm is also used in landscaping schemes, property development projects, and garden decoration.

Raj Blend Cobbles

610.00 £
Raj Blend Cobbles or Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles is a mix of light green and plum color tones with hints of brown. Raj Blend Sandstone Cobbles is formed from Raj Green Sandstone that has its origin in India and has several similarities with the traditional Yorkstone. Both of them are also suitable for conventional landscape designs. Also, this Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles is famous in European countries since its frost resistance. Furthermore, the Raj Blend Indian Tumbled Cobbles/Setts is quite durable and water-resistant as well.



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