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Fossil Mint Walling

A mint fossil walling stone includes all of the colorings you'll anticipate of a traditional stone of walling. It includes cream, buff and caramel shade tones which are a mixed for the duration of the walling stone. It creates a unique, soft, natural shade palette that provides a detail of diffused splendor that's suitable for any conventional area.

Garden Ornaments

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By garden ornaments we refer to the composition of certain minerals and grained quartz in a blend of different combinations that are born out of the Earth’s crust. The Indian Natural Stones, that are the perfect creation of nature in order to beautify the surroundings and interior projects. This includes stones like Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Limestones etc. confessed for their uses as building stones.

Grey Kerbs

We are wholesalers of a premium quality natural stone Kerbs. The Indian Kandla Grey Sandstone is one of the the most durable construction material to be used as sandstone Kerbs & steps in any kind of weather. These Sandstone Kerbs are used as fencing to the landscaping areas. Kandla Grey Sandstone Kerb edges with natural riven surface, four side edges rock face handcut.

Grey Steps

Kandla Grey Sandstone textured stone is often used for wall covering and for other indoor applications. Kandla Grey Steps Sandstone gained its popularity because of its durability, strength, and the immense beauty it provides the structure with. Stone Footing supplies these steps with a natural surface and hand chiseled edges. These solid steps are also known as sandstone block steps in the global market and are highly in demand for landscapings in gardens. Grey steps texture and blends of blues and greyish reflection make an ideal to match up with other architectural implications.

Kandla Grey Walling

Kandla Grey Walling stone is a perfect choice for building a natural stone wall in any outdoor space. As a colour factor, kandla Grey is the best option for any space as it blends with any surroundings. Kandla Grey Walling stone is such a prominent choice of most and as a result it is an incredibly sold out product in our list. Check out the best pack options available at best prices.

Mint Cladding

Mint Sandstone or Tinted Mint, or Himalayan Sandstone are all the names that we can refer to the stone with. The creams and light beiges of Mint Sandstone Cladding add aesthetic looks to the walls. Mint white and fossil mint sandstone cladding make architecture more lucrative and add style to space. During the rainy season, or cold, the Indian mint sandstone is slip resistant which prevents you from getting hurt when walking on the fossil mint Indian sandstone surface. Mint Sandstone stands strong against the harsh  weather conditions, makes this tinted stone preferable and ideal placement for both interior and exterior spaces.

Raj Green Walling

Raj Green walling is ideal for decorative walls or for garden areas. If you are looking to give a traditional touch to your space, then Raj Green walling stone could well be the perfect option. Raj green walling stone has great combination of distinct  patterns, texture variations and blend of earthy colors that makes it different from other sandstone walling stones.

Raj Kerbs

Stone Footing Raj Green Kerb consist of natural tones, and ideal for application in driveways, garden as well as copings and other landscaping needs. We offer Raj Sandstone kerbs in various finishes such as Natural, Chiseled, Sawn, Sandblasted, Tumbled Popular Sizes are as : Sizes (mm): 1000 x 250, 1000 x 300, 1000 x 350, 500 x 250, 500 x 300, or tailor made sizes as per requirement.

Raj Steps

Raj steps have been smooth bull-nosed to finish the steps with a rounded edge. The structure of these steps allows you to minimize the visible joints on larger step areas. Our raj green sandstone steps are also best for application for pool area or wall copings. Use these steps to enlarge your design selection to bring a rustic feel to the garden and create aesthetic architecture finish design.