Give your garden a view and feel of an English country garden with beautiful and decorative riven sandstone paving from The Stone Footing. This type of sandstone offers a characterful segment of colours that always contemplates the garden. From the robust and earthen hues of the stones to cooler and more delicate tones of mist and Forest Gardens, the riven sandstones give a beautiful appearance to your outdoor patio. Every piece of paving slab will speak for itself and take on a new charm with individual settings, providing a unique aesthetic to the garden patio.

With different plan size options and rich colours, the riven sandstone slabs create a decorative yet creative flair along with maximum flexibility. These types of sandstones are a perfect option for every type of garden. The organic structure of the Riven sandstones perfectly fits every individual, which compliments the surrounding aspects and environmental nature of your home. So, if you are looking to tick all the aspects of your checklist for preparing a romantic English country garden, the riven sandstone paving slabs are the best option. So, check us out now and get your products delivered from The Stone Footing at affordable prices.

Why should you Buy Riven Sandstone Paving?

Riven Sandstone Paving patios and slabs have a wide range of advantages and are an excellent choice for the backdoor garden patio.

Incredibly Durable

Riven Sandstone Paving Slabs are incredibly durable. It means the slabs won’t break easily even if you apply pressure on them. They will remain intact without any damage until they are kept in their position.

Wide Range of Finishes and Colours

Riven Sandstone comes in various colours, designs, and textures. Therefore, whatever the design of your garden patio is, you can always find the right choice that would fit the existing design of your garden. Kandla grey riven sandstone slabs are available in different designs and textures.

Easy to Maintain

The Riven Sandstone slabs are easy to maintain, and they do not require much hassle to be maintained. So, you need not have to clean them regularly to maintain their shine. The Riven sandstone slabs are very easy to maintain without spending extra money.

Cost Effective Solution

Raj Green Riven Sandstone is a cost-effective option. They might be pricey initially, but in the long run, they are very cost-effective. So, once you get them for the garden patios, you won’t have to spend much in the long run.

Anti Slip Resistant

The Riven Sandstone from The Stone Footing is also slip-resistant. This ensures that the family members walking over them do not slip and fall down. For the best, anti-slip-resistant paving slabs, visit Stone Footing and get your product delivered.

Why should you seal a Riven Sandstone Paving?

Riven Sandstone Paving is recommended to be sealed to prevent staining. This will prevent the growth of any sort of algae or mould above it. Moreover, if the Riven sandstone slabs you purchase from The Stone Footing are light-coloured, you should seal them. 

Besides the growth of moulds or algae, sealing grey riven sandstone will also enhance the colour of the slabs. However, to know what is best for you, contact our experts and assistants, who can guide you with every aspect of Riven Sandstone.

Why Should You Choose The Stone Footing for Riven Sandstone Paving?

Many suppliers and manufacturers can provide you with Riven Sandstone Paving slabs. However, we are the only place where you can keep your demands to fulfil them and get a suitable riven sandstone slab of your choice.

Best Quality Product

We provide the best quality product to our customers as we believe in customer satisfaction. All the products relocated from our facilities undergo a quality check at the facility to ensure that they are in perfect condition. Our separate quality-checking team ensures that the products are inspected from top to bottom before transportation.

Affordable Pricing

All the riven sandstone paving items you get from our facility are affordable. So, it won’t be a burden on your pocket if you are getting products from us. All the sandstone materials you get from us are cheaper than elsewhere.

Self Processing Facility

Stone Footing has its own manufacturing and processing facility for the Kandla grey riven sandstone paving slabs. So, we don’t depend on others to manufacture and process this type of sandstone. You can find raw materials available at our place.

Quality Packaging

Once you purchase products from us, we assure you that we will provide the products to your doorstep in perfect condition. Our dedicated team of skilled experts in packaging ensure that all the riven sandstone paving slabs are correctly packed in cartoon boxes and crates to cause no damage during transportation.

Customer Service

Our professional team of customer service experts are dedicated to satisfying the customers who are in touch with us. Once you purchase products from The Stone Footing, you will surely get quality service from us and resolve your issues.


  • What is riven sandstone paving?

The surface texture of the sandstone is called riven sandstone pavings. When the stone gets split naturally, a riven texture is formed. It is what gives the sandstone a beautiful and aesthetic design.

  • What is a riven patio slab?

The Riven patio slabs are specially designed uneven patio slabs. These are textured, which makes them look like rustic patio slabs. The Riven patio slabs are available in various designs and colours.

  • Which sandstone paving slabs are best?

Kandla Grey Riven Sandstone paving slabs are the best paving slabs. You can visit The Stone Footing in the United Kingdom for the best quality riven sandstone.

  • How do I protect my sandstone patio paving?

Sealers are a way you can protect the sandstone patio paving. You can use sealers to protect the riven sandstone patio paving.

  • Are 450 x 450 pavers natural stone?

450 x 450 pavers are not natural stones because they are carved out in such dimensions. 

  • How much do 450×450 buff paving slabs cost?

The cost of 450×450 buff paving slabs might vary depending on the texture or the quality. But, if you visit us at The Stone Footing, you can get affordable prices for the 450×450 buff paving slabs.

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Autumn Brown Sandstone

451.50 £
Autumn brown sandstone is a naturally found riven sandstone known for its finest ranges of quality. They have an attractive, robust riven texture that is mostly hand-picked to provide honed, natural, polished, brushed, and even sandblasted finishes. Autumn brown sandstone is found in abundance in India, from where it is exported to different parts of the world.

Fossil Mint Sandstone

364.80 £426.60 £
Fossil mint sandstone is a beautiful riven sandstone known distinctively for its blend of cream, yellow, orange, and mint tones with scattered fossils. Fossil mint sandstones further represent the lightest paving in the riven range. Despite the popular color of fossil mint sandstone, it must be known that the colors here are mostly due to its natural occurrence and therefore can display slight color variations along with its tones and patterns.

Kandla Grey Sandstone

385.00 £485.00 £
Kandla grey sandstone, or Bhilwara grey sandstone or silver sand sandstone, is a naturally found hard sandstone. It is the hard-wearing sandstone that has a natural bluish and grey color. The color formation is mainly due to quartz grains that get cemented naturally together with silica and calcite. The Kandla grey sandstone provides the solid modern feel of bluestone that is ideally paved around the pool, making it look simply stunning. Kandla grey is one of the most popular natural sandstone paving types we offer.

Modak Sandstone

0.00 £
Modak sandstone is a natural sandstone with a stunning mix of rose, honey, terracotta and pink. It has a light, riven surface whose appearance mixes elegantly with the natural environment. This sandstone is mainly hand cut, and its slab offers various color variations. The modak sandstone has its origin in India, and India is also the largest producer of it. 

Raj Blend Sandstone

384.00 £423.00 £
Raj Blend Sandstone is a riven sandstone. It has a subtle green colour, grey color and brown as well. But the color of this riven sandstone is only used as a reference because of its natural occurrence. It is a natural occurrence there could be slight color variation with tones and patterns.

Rippon Sandstone

401.15 £587.00 £
Rippon sandstones are warm and colorful riven sandstones. It has fine lines and swirls of rusty orange, purple and pink tones compliment any garden area. Also, the colors on the Rippon sandstones emerge beautifully when they are in wet condition. This riven sandstone is also known as natural sandstone paving sunset buff or golden leaf sandstone. It is known as the golden leaf sandstone due to warm golden tones created by merging the orange, pink, and purple tones of the sandstone.

Sagar Black Sandstone

0.00 £
Sagar black sandstone is an Indian riven sandstone paving. This Sandstone has charcoal shades and earthy tones that seamlessly blend beautifully in the outdoor areas. The Sagar black sandstone is found in the natural occurrence due to which it has slight tonal variations with subtle color differences. These variations add to the natural aesthetical charm of this sagar black riven sandstone paving. Also, these sandstone paving slabs are hand split and have unique patterns.

Virgin Raj Sandstone

419.40 £
Raj Green Natural Sandstone is very comfortable when it comes to the  climatic conditions. It blends with traditional as well as contemporary environments because of its combination of colors. Also, Raj Green Sandstone paving stones are robust, firm and attractive, and this is why they seem to be an ideal option. Virgin Raj Green Natural Sandstone is also used in building stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, paving stone. Virgin Raj sandstone can also be used for building stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, paving stone.