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Black Basalt Setts

364.00 £
Basalt Paving and Granite setts are used in many distinct manners. They are used as function devices to break up regions of in-situ concrete, massive complete feature driveway packages thru to the cut-up pinnacle setts used on visitors thresholds to spotlight the crossing of a pedestrian threshold with the break up the top floor. The noisy streets and the nature of the floor are advantageous as pedestrians can listen to drawing close motors. Its usage also sets apart the outlook of the entire area.

Blue Black Granite Setts

The Blue-Black Granite setts are dark-colored igneous rocks that form the medium to a coarse-grained intrusive rock. It is formed naturally from Blue Black Granite. Similarly, its color variation on this texture granite varies from blue-black to blue-grey tone. Blue Black Granite Paving is most suitable for internal application, mainly in the kitchen slabs. Furthermore, these are quarried as building stone, building facings monuments, and specialty purposes.

Grey Granite Setts

Grey Granite setts or cobbles are a constant steely grey color made out of the Granite Stone. They have a speckled look with little color variation and are darker than our Silver Grey Granite Setts. The neutral grey tones are a flexible, stylish desire, making them a perfect product for any layout. Medium Grey Granite setts have a flat surface and are more appropriate for walking or seating areas.

Kandla Grey Cobbles

610.00 £
Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Setts is formed from a contemporary Indian Sandstone due to its consistent color that doesn’t weather easily. It has a soft blue-grey color with slight tonal variations. Kandla Grey Natural Sandstone Cobble Setts are most suitable for driveways, paths, and gardens. Furthermore, the Kandla Grey Cobbles can help create elegant, beautiful, and attractive landscape features or more extensive patios.

Mint Fossil Cobbles

610.00 £
Fossil Mint Cobbles are both frost-resistant and highly durable Indian Sandstones. It naturally mellows down over time with natural weathering and settles into the garden environment. Due to this, it makes for excellent Mint Fossil Indian Sandstone Cobble Blocks for the garden areas. Apart from this, the Fossil Mint Natural Sandstone Cobble Setts 200x100 40-60mm is also used in landscaping schemes, property development projects, and garden decoration.

Raj Blend Cobbles

610.00 £
Raj Blend Cobbles or Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles is a mix of light green and plum color tones with hints of brown. Raj Blend Sandstone Cobbles is formed from Raj Green Sandstone that has its origin in India and has several similarities with the traditional Yorkstone. Both of them are also suitable for conventional landscape designs. Also, this Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles is famous in European countries since its frost resistance. Furthermore, the Raj Blend Indian Tumbled Cobbles/Setts is quite durable and water-resistant as well.

Red Granite Setts

364.00 £
Red granite has an even flat surface due to the grain of the granite being close collectively. Our cropped sett – red granite is made in a particular proper for one foot or seating areas. The setts have a dark grey, red heritage with new pinks/ red granite going for walks through the surface and are pretty constant in color.