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Autumn Brown Smooth Honed Sandstone

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The Brown Smooth Honed Sandstone is also famous as the Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs. It is because it has its origin in India and has a hard-wearing creamy brown color tones with hints of grey, buff, and plum in it. This smooth honed sandstone has a very durable property, giving it a dense structure and making it less porous. Furthermore, it is made up of grains of quartz and other minerals, which are sized uniformly into smooth and rounded shapes.

Kandla Grey Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Grey Smooth Honed Sandstone is also known as Kandla Grey honed sandstone. The Kandla Grey paving slabs are famous for providing paving solutions with contemporary appearances. Furthermore, it has consistent grey color with little to no tonal variation. Also, it offers a smooth surface for its paving slabs. In some places, it is also known as the Grey Blend Derbyshire Sandstone, Castle Grey Sandstone, Grey Indian Sandstone, or the Silver Burch Multi Sandstone.

Mint White Sawn Honed Sandstone

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Mint white honed sandstone is the only Pure Mint White Indian Stone Sawn & Honed Patio Pack. Originated in India, the Mint White Sandstone Honed are primarily sedimentary rocks. These rocks are formed of the tiny grains of the mineral quartz and feldspar. The formation has been taking place over millions of years where the little pieces of the earth kept getting eroded and worn down by the wind and water. The process of formation of mint white honed sandstone takes place after the particles get settled down to turn into rocks.

Mint Yellow Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Mint Yellow Smooth Honed Sandstone is an Indian Smooth Honed Sandstone. It is also known as the beige smooth sawn sandstone paving due to its variations in yellow and beige. Mint Yellow sandstone works as an excellent choice for exterior flooring and wall cladding due to its outstanding resistance to heat and harsh weather. As a result, this stone is ideal for any environment.

Rainbow Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Rainbow Smooth Honed Sandstone is an Indian originated smooth honed sandstone. It is also referred to as the Rainbow Sawn Smooth Honed Sandstone, where it provides top range diamond sawn Indian sandstone paving solution. It has a slight quartzite surface presence that offers the paving with a natural sparkle. It has a very calibrated and vibrant, vibrant, multi-colour appearance. Due to this, it has been named the Rainbow Honed sandstone.

Raj Green Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Raj Green Smooth Honed Sandstone is a mix of light green and plum color tones with hints of brown in it. Raj Green Sandstone has its origin in India and has several similarities with the traditional Yorkstone. Both of them are also suitable for conventional landscape designs. Also, this Smooth Honed Sandstone is famous in European countries due to its froze resistance abilities. Furthermore, the Raj Green Sandstone is quite durable and water-resistant as well.

Rippon Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Rippon Smooth Honed Sandstone is a thin, smooth, brightly colored classic sandstone with some raised channels flowing through its crust. It has an excellent range of colors: orange, beige, and pink-cream tones. It is a natural sandstone that can beautify your surroundings, and it also doesn't even require much maintenance.

Teak Smooth Honed Sandstone

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Teakwood Smooth Honed Sandstone is also known as Khatu Teak Sandstone. It is a fine-grained dense sandstone with beautiful variations of smooth, light yellow colour veined in it. This soft honed sandstone has a distinct range of available paving where it can leave an impressive mark with its vibrant yellow color shades. Its presence gives a complete crisp and clean feel and resembles the texture of wood.