The sandstone paving circles are an excellent product because they have a spell-binding effect on the gardens where they are placed. The paving circles made of sandstone are the best materials to draw viewers’ attention to a specific object like a tree or any other garden accessory. The circle sandstone paving slabs can also be an effective choice for separating the garden areas. Besides its aesthetic structure, these products are a spellbinding option to enhance the garden space’s decoration and beauty. So, you can always choose the sandstone paving circles if you are looking to restructure or remodel your garden.

Moreover, a circular sandstone patio can determine how you design your garden. But positioning them will have a great effect on the garden. So, get your latest branded sandstone circle from The Stone Footing and design your garden in a mesmerising manner. We have some fantastic collections of circular sandstone that can fit different types of patios and can also fit your existing garden design. All our circular sandstone shapes and designs are low-maintenance products yet of the highest quality to ensure they last long.

Why must you choose Sandstone Paving Circles from our Place?

Stone Footing is always dedicated to meeting customers’ demands with outstanding products. 

High-Quality Stones

We manufacture some premium quality circle sandstone paving at our own facility. Stone Footing has its own processing and manufacturing facility where the workers are dedicated to making the best quality stones to meet the increasing demands of the customers.

Comprehensive Project completion

Our professionals and experts are dedicated to being by the side of the customers until the project is completed. Our complete sandstone paving circles package ensures comprehensive project completion.

Variety of Designs

At The Stone Footing, you can find a variety of designs and structures according to your needs. Based on your garden structure, you can choose the shape and colour that can contemplate the existing design of your garden patio. 

Quality Check

We value the customers’ trust, and so we always strive to make the best quality product without any hassle. We always serve our customers with products that are the best in quality.

Active Team Support

Our professional customer service team is always active, 24/7, to guide you with the grey sandstone circle paving slabs you purchase. We take pride in answering all the calls and satisfying our clients with our products.

Packaging and Delivery

The Stone Footing ensures that the packaging is done correctly in cartoons and boxes to ensure that the stone you purchase is not damaged during delivery. Also, we adhere to complete safety measures during package delivery. Our motto is timely delivery with dedicated shipping, and we serve all the facilities globally.

Effective Management

We stick to providing end-to-end services to our customers. Our members are always dedicated to guiding our clients at every stage of the selection and purchase procedure.

Why must you choose the Sandstone Circle Slabs for your Garden Decoration?

There are several reasons to choose sandstone circle slabs for designing the garden structure.


The circular sandstone slabs and pavings have zero maintenance. You need not have a daily and separate schedule to clean them. The grey sandstone circle paving slabs have very minimal maintenance.

Colours and Structures

The circle sandstone paving slabs appear in a variety of structures and colours. So, you can get them depending on the design of your existing garden patio and complement them with the style and array of the garden. Also, the circular pavings have intricate designs that vary over the slabs.

Cost Effective Solution

The circular sandstone patio option is a cost-effective solution for your garden. So, if you are looking for an easy installation yet cost-effective solution for your garden, the circular sandstone paving slabs can be a cost-effective option.

Specialist in the field of Circular Sandstone Patio in the United Kingdom

At The Stone Footing, you can find the largest collection of decorative stone circles for the garden of your choice. Our collection contains a variety of materials that can suit your requirements and taste. You can perfectly choose a decorative backdrop for your garden space with our wide range of sandstone circle paving slabsslabs’ collection. You won’t have to hover in the market to find the most affordable option for your garden patio’s beautiful and decorative sandstone circles.

Our collection of mesmerising sandstone circle structures will definitely contemplate the design of your backdoor garden space. So, create sparkling silver shades of attractive circular sandstone patio for your garden with products from our store. Our modern designs are sure to match the old structure of your outdoor space. Reach out to us soon, and we will fulfil all your demands with the best quality circular paving stones for the patios.


  • What size sandstone paving circles are available?

You can find a variety of sizes for the sandstone paving circles at The Stone Footing in the UK. Our products can fulfil your requirements without any hassle. 

  • What is a sun circle paving stone kit?

A sun circle paving kit comes with a combination of two different colours: Barley and Antique grey. The patio feature kit, designed with a combination of two colours, is designed to brighten up any garden space.

  • Which paving circles are best?

Sandstone Paving Circles available at The Stone Footing in the UK is the best option for designing garden patios. 

  • What are circular paving stones made of?

The circular paving stones are made up of natural stone, concrete, brick and other materials. These paving stones are then combined with the finest colours to give them a beautiful appearance. 

  • Should you use rocks or stones for a landscaping makeover?

Natural stone is one of the best and most versatile materials for a landscaping makeover. The circular sandstone paving patios are also a quality and premium option to give a makeover to your backdoor garden. 

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Fossil Mint Circles

290.00 £415.00 £
Fossil Mint Circles come with a blend of beige and brown color tones that are swirled with the sedimentary layers with dendritic surface fossil detail. Fossil Mint is an Indian sandstone Paving and is often known as the Mint Fossil Indian Sandstone Circles. The Fossil Mint Paving Circles/Circle Paving Kits are available at the Stone Footing. 

Kandla Grey Circles

285.00 £468.00 £
Kandla Grey Circle is made from the Indian natural Kandla Grey sandstone, due to which it is also known as the Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Circles. It is one of the most available natural sandstones that features beautifully layered color tones. The Kandla Grey Natural Sandstone Circle Kit is used to create winding paths. The Kandla Grey Sandstone Circle Kit also makes for a popular feature that elegantly built beautiful and attractive landscape features or larger patios.

Raj Green Circles

306.00 £441.00 £
Raj Green Circles are found in India and are also known as Raj Green Indian Sandstone Circles. It is mostly used for flooring and roofing purposes. Raj Green Circle has a pleasant blend of yellow, greys, pink, and brown color tone variations. They are found in India and are therefore also known as Raj Green Indian Sandstone Circles. The Hand Cut Circle Raj Green Sandstone Paving is mostly used for flooring and roofing purposes. Also, the Raj Green Circle is easily carved and dressed to provide attractive landscape features and design.

Rippon Circles

306.00 £441.00 £
Rippon Circles comes from the warm and colorful Rippon riven sandstones. It has fine lines and swirls of rusty orange, purple and pink tones compliment any garden area. Also, the colors on the Rippon buff circle kit appear beautifully when they are in wet condition. Rippon Natural Sandstone Circle Kits also provides paving sunset buff or golden leaf sandstone. It is known as the golden leaf sandstone due to warm golden tones created by merging the sandstone's orange, pink, and purple tones.