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Black Limestone

Black Limestone is naturally occurring riven limestone and is also known as the Kota Black Limestone. The Black Limestone has a distinctive natural black look because of its unique veining and consistency in color tones. Also, due to its unique veining, this natural black limestone paving stone has a subtle texture giving it a riven surface. Famous for the paving choices, the black limestone paving is best suited for outdoor areas.

Blue Limestone

Blue limestone, otherwise known as the Kota blue limestone or tandur blue limestone is a riven limestone. It has a natural occurrence and has a naturally flat surface. Combining its natural flat surface with its even bluish color on the sawn edges provides an intelligent, stylish outlook that looks great in traditional settings.

Grey Limestone

Grey Limestone is an elegant and natural textured noble riven limestone. It has a very uniform appearance with consistent color tones. It is also known as the Dove Grey Limestone, where it received its name from its unique veining and elegant grey tones. Grey Limestone is used chiefly for paving projects due to its non-porous surface and higher durability.

Yellow Limestone

When it comes to riven Limestone, the Yellow Limestone offers the most colorful range. Otherwise known as the Kota Yellow Limestone, this limestone paving has a traditional charm and rustic flare. It received its name as the Yellow Limestone due to its unique veining and blending of yellow with light brown, golden, and grey tones. The Yellow Limestone is more suitable for outdoor areas where it can effortlessly create stunning patios bursting with characters.