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Porcelain Paving Vs. Natural Stone Paving– Which Is Better?

Porcelain Paving Vs. Natural Stone Paving– Which Is Better

There is a big difference between porcelain paving and natural stone paving. So, it is essential to understand their meaning and objective before going ahead. Both of these materials are good for paving. However, in this blog, we will discuss porcelain paving vs natural stone paving- which is the best?

Meaning of porcelain paving

It is created by baking a mixture of different materials like clay and sand. Unlike ceramic, porcelain has a finer composition.

There is a myth that porcelain paving is slippery. However, quality porcelain paving is slip-resistant and ideal for high-traffic areas because of its durability.

 Another reason that makes it better is porcelain doesn’t get hotter.

How to cut porcelain paving?

Despite its sheer strength, porcelain paving is easy to cut. A cooled circular saw with a diamond-edged blade is required to cut porcelain. 

Remember, even if marked safe, never use a segmented diamond blade for cutting it. This can even shatter the slab. So, be careful while cutting porcelain paving.

Advantages of porcelain paving

The top 5 perks of porcelain paving are as follows-

1. Long-lasting: Unlike others, porcelain is a hard-wearing and strong material. Consequently, it lasts for years with low maintenance. 

2. Frostproof: Porcelain has low porosity. So, it doesn’t warp and bend like other paving materials. 

3. Fade resistant: Sunlight does not affect the color of porcelain. Meanwhile, its color does not fade or change for years. 

4. Slip-resistant: Porcelain paving is slip-resistant because it is man-made. Due to its non-porous nature, it is preferred by a majority of property owners. 

5. Contemporary: This is the other major perk of porcelain paving. It adds a contemporary look to traditional concrete. 

Disadvantages of porcelain paving

The first and the major cons of porcelain paving is cost. Unlike stones and concrete slabs, porcelain paving is expensive.

Finding an experienced installer is also a complex task. If installed incorrectly, then your porcelain paving will lead to expensive repairs.

Meaning of natural stone paving

Natural stone paving is a type of outdoor paving used for driveways, patios and pavements. Natural stone pavers or slabs are composed of numerous natural stones. For example, granite, sandstone, marble etc. To give a unique finish to your house or office, give it a try. It is good to purchase natural stones online for cheap rates.

Merits and demerits of natural stone paving

Natural stone paving offers a stylish finish and it looks beautiful. Please take a look at its priceless advantages.

  • Unlike concrete, it offers a durable solution.
  • It is believed that it looks better with age.
  • It is recyclable because natural stone pavers are prepared from a natural product.
  • Multiple options are available to choose from.
  • Unlike concrete, it is environmentally friendly. 

As you know, a coin has two sides. Likewise, natural stone paving also has some cons. One major demerit of natural stone paving is moisture. Unlike other paving materials, it absorbs much more moisture. This leaves a crack on the stone’s surface and reduces the overall patio performance.

Common problems with porcelain and natural stone paving

Almost all problems encountered with these two are because of incorrect installation. Some of the major problems of porcelain or natural stone paving are-

Color variation, efflorescence, delamination, easy joint staining, porcelain paving chipping and sealers.

Note- Any company is not responsible for problems caused by incorrect installation.

Things to know before laying porcelain or natural stone paving

Firstly, you need to decide which paving is perfect for you. Meanwhile, that suits your personality and choice. On any surface, aftercare is to be done for sure. So, select a paving material that is easy to clean.

The most important factor to consider is design. So, relax and consider the following points for getting it right.

  • Orientation of your property
  • Are steps or walls included within the design?
  • Type of furniture you planned to have on the patio

Final thoughts

Which is better porcelain paving vs natural stone paving is a big question. In terms of price, the cost of natural stone is less than porcelain paving. However, porcelain can withstand higher temperatures and it is stronger than natural stone. So, which one is ideal for your house, the answer is “up to you”. So, compare the different factors before making any decision.  If you are in the market of searching for a strong, resilient and versatile tile, then look no further. Porcelain flooring can be the right choice for you. Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone distributor recognised for providing high-quality natural stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Porcelain vs natural stone paving- which has more colors and styles?

No doubt, porcelain paving wins this battle.

Q. Porcelain vs natural stone paving- how to choose the best?

It is a must to focus on cost, style, durability and other factors.

Q. Porcelain vs natural stone paving- which is more porous?

 Natural stone is a more porous material.

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