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Porcelain Wall Cladding: Outdoor and Indoor Wall Décor Trend in 2022

Porcelain Wall Cladding Outdoor and indoor wall décor trend in 2022

Can porcelain be used and is it good for walls, is a big question? Am I right? It is the most versatile material that is great for wall cladding. Besides the kitchen, it is also preferred for bathroom walls.

In simple words, porcelain wall cladding is a method of giving a contemporary look to the existing walls. Recently, it is becoming a big trend for outdoor and indoor walls. On the one hand, internal projects use porcelain wall cladding for pillars and room walls.

Contrary to it, outdoor projects use porcelain cladding for planters, back walls etc. Porcelain wall cladding offers numerous benefits. In this blog, we will discuss its perks, cons and outdoor and indoor wall decoration trends in 2022. 

Advantages of porcelain wall cladding

From a wide list, some of the main pros of porcelain wall cladding are mentioned below. 

1. Aesthetically pleasing

Porcelain cladding is versatile and can be given the appearance of any pattern, texture, veins, grains and colors. Meanwhile, it is a wonderful choice to create the desired look.

2. Hard wearing

As you know porcelain is a durable material. Consequently, it is hard-wearing and extremely strong.

3. Waterproof

Porcelain can absorb water because it is a compact material with low porosity. Henceforth, porcelain wall cladding is in trend in 2022. 

4. Fireproof

Porcelain has good fire resistance because it is made at high temperatures.

5. Easy to maintain

Unlike others, it is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. However, this is only possible when it is installed professionally.

6. Damage resistant

Due to its hardness, porcelain wall cladding can save your walls from numerous damages. For instance- change in weather, moss, chemicals etc. 

7. Does not fade

Don’t worry about sunlight and the lifespan of your cladding. Meanwhile, porcelain wall cladding will not fade because of sun rays. If it is black, then it will remain the same after 5-10 years. 

Porcelain wall cladding: Outdoor décor trend in 2022

What do you mean by outdoor porcelain wall cladding? Yes, a cladding on which a material is applied over the original material for protection against different elements. Furthermore, it also increases the value of your property. Decorative, resistant to rust, simple to install and anti-bacterial are some reasons to prefer outdoor porcelain wall cladding.

 Take a look at the top 6 outdoor décor porcelain wall cladding ideas in trend in 2022.

  • Patio fireplace designs
  • Covered patios
  • Patio railing designs
  • Brick designs for a small patio
  • Patio lighting
  • Nature-inspired table and seating 

Porcelain wall cladding: Indoor wall décor trend in 2022

Wall cladding can also be carried out on indoor walls. When we talk about the interior of the house, the wallpaper and paint say a lot. Meanwhile, they talk about your taste or choice. Besides functionality, porcelain wall cladding adds aesthetics to your home and offices.  

You can save time and energy while cleaning them. Furthermore, they also keep your room temperature ideal. In addition to this, durability, flexibility and numerous styles are popular merits of indoor porcelain wall cladding.  

Ideas to use this cladding for indoor decoration that are in trend in 2022 are as follows. Create the illusion of height, add texture, create a cozy bathroom and add texture.

Factors to be considered while selecting outdoor or indoor porcelain wall cladding

Before you shortlist indoor or outdoor porcelain wall cladding material options, focus on these points. 

1. Budget: Yes, wall cladding is a fruitful investment. However, it doesn’t mean you should cross your limits. So, keep an eye on your bankroll.

2. Maintenance: Never go for a cladding material that requires frequent maintenance. Nevertheless, this will waste your time and money.

3. Appearance: It means a lot when it comes to natural stone wall cladding. For fewer future upgrades, try to match your wall cladding with your interior design. 

 4. Lifespan: The durability and lifespan of every wall cladding material are different. It is good to select cladding materials that are guaranteed to last.

Drawbacks of porcelain wall cladding for interior and exterior walls

Due to the increased labor cost, wall cladding can be expensive. The other major drawback is time. It will take a long time if intricate designs are used for wall cladding. 


Here we discussed different porcelain wall cladding- outdoor and indoor wall decoration trends. When it comes to renovation, it is good to keep an eye on the trend in 2022 or any current year. However, as you know trends change. So, select a color and material that match your personality.

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Q. Is porcelain wall cladding environment-friendly?

Yes, this cladding material is environmentally friendly.

Q. What is the average life expectancy of porcelain wall cladding?

Approximately, it lasts for more than 15-20 years.

Q. Is porcelain wall cladding complicated?

 No, because of its lightweight it is very uncomplicated.

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