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Exterior Granite Wall Cladding: Things You Should Know

Exterior Granite Wall Cladding: Things You Should Know

Granite is made up of interlocking crystals and it is a coarse-grained stone. This natural stone is a popular building material for both exterior and interior cladding applications. Furthermore, it is popular among users for its color, texture and durability.

Recently, a majority of users have shown interest in granite wall cladding. One of the major reasons for this is that granite can resist moisture. Besides granite, natural stones like sandstone, travertine and slate are also ideal for wall cladding.

Meaning of granite wall cladding

As techniques and new products are developed granite wall cladding is becoming the most affordable choice.  Unlike other cladding alternatives, granite cladding is the most luxurious and durable option. Furthermore, this décor feature meets the requirements of traditional besides adventurous.

Can granite wall cladding be removed?

Yes, it can be removed. However, this is a complex job. A majority of the stones are fixed using cement. Consequently, you can remove them only with force. Meanwhile, either by using a hammer, pry bar or chisel.

Where granite wall cladding can be used?

Granite wall cladding can be used in various places. From a wide list, the top 6 among them are discussed below.

1. Exterior walls: Granite can make your walls look unique and impressive. This natural stone is perfect for your exterior walls because it can resist moisture.

2. Kitchen: To ensure that your kitchen walls remain hygienic and clean, go for granite wall cladding.

3. Living room: There are multiple ways to add granite wall cladding to your living room. You can either add it to 1 big wall section of your room or the fireplace. Remember, to add it to one wall, it is good to go for light colors.

4. Bedroom: Needless to say, granite wall cladding can add 4 moons to your bedroom. Besides transforming the look, it will help you to take a tight sleep.

5. Bathroom: For a cool feel, Royal Ivory granite wall cladding is ideal for your bathroom. In addition to beauty, it will protect your bathroom from bacterial growth.

6. Outdoor spaces: It is also essential to think about the beauty of spaces outside your home. For instance- balcony, driveway, swimming pool, patio etc.

I hope now you understand different places where granite wall cladding can be used. So, get up and beautify your home with this amazing and affordable natural stone.

Bottom line

Granite wall cladding is perfect to add beauty to your house. It is suggested because granite is a solid material that is popular for its durability. Granite is often one of the most affordable alternatives available, so if you are working with a limited budget, Granite tiles are the outstanding options to consider. Granite is often less expensive per square foot than most other materials. Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone distributor recognised for providing high-quality natural stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it good to go for granite wall cladding?

Yes, it resists moisture and is an excellent option for exterior walls.

Q. What is the major advantage of exterior granite wall cladding?

 The biggest advantage of exterior granite wall cladding is ‘weatherproof’.

Q. Can granite be used for cladding?

Granite is one of the most ideal choice building materials for exterior wall cladding

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