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Limestone Wall Cladding- Is It A Worthy Option

Limestone Wall Cladding- Is It A Worthy Option

Hey, do you know what limestone wall cladding is? No issues, we will discuss it in this article. Furthermore, here we will also discuss its pros, cons, myths and how to clean limestone wall cladding.

What is limestone?

Yes, a sedimentary rock that is formed by materials like crystals and fossil fragments. Due to its low thermal conductivity, this rock is preferred for wall cladding. Some popular limestone applications are paving, wall cladding, interior and exterior paving.

You can see that a majority of shopping centers, office blocks and public buildings are covered with limestones. Nevertheless, because of its perks and properties, limestone is great for interior renovations and exterior walls.

Why is wall cladding important?

To create a skin layer over the walls, wall cladding is the method of layering one material on the other. Cladding prevents the walls from getting damaged by water. It is of numerous types and improves thermal insulation and serves decorative purposes.

Furthermore, it also safeguards against chemical and air pollution and provides resistance to sunlight.

Pros of limestone wall cladding

You can purchase limestones either online or offline. Both platforms have their merits and demerits. The advantages of limestone wall cladding are as follows.

1. Fire Resistance

When limestone is put into the fire, it doesn’t emit any toxic substances. This quality makes it perfect for wall cladding.

2. Unique design

Each limestone has different characteristics because it is formed in nature over a thousand years.

3. Care and maintenance

This simple stone doesn’t require any specific care. It has good resistance to weather conditions, so it is majorly used in outdoor applications.

4. Color and appearance

Its color ranges from white to blue and subtle brown. Furthermore, it preserves its color because it is resistant to UV lights. It can also be combined with darker materials because it has a neutral look.

5. Affordable

Unlike other wall cladding materials, the price of limestone is much lower.

6. Easy to clean

This perk means a lot to you. Meanwhile, you can save time and energy in cleaning limestone tiles. They are easy to clean but remember to use the correct cleaning products and methods while cleaning them.

7. Last for centuries

How long will it last? This question comes to mind when we purchase anything. Am I right? No worries, this highly durable material lasts for centuries.

Note- Limestones don’t require much care and attention. However, if you ignore them, they may deteriorate eventually.

In addition to the perks discussed above, limestone wall cladding offers many more priceless advantages. For example- upscaled property value, better insulation to interiors, extreme durability, zero maintenance needs, custom design and finish choices, etc.

Cons of limestone wall cladding

We know that everything with its pros has some cons also. The same applies to limestone wall cladding. Take a look at some major demerits of limestone wall cladding.

  • Susceptible to staining

Limestone is susceptible to staining from different liquids, owing to its highly porous nature. Moreover, it dissolves in acid-containing lemon products. It is suggested, homeowners must seal limestone walls to protect them from unflattering strains.

Besides susceptible to staining, some other cons of the limestone wall cladding are as follows.

  • It is difficult to install and requires a lot of time and energy.
  • Unlike other cladding products, it requires a structural substrate.
  • For protection, it needs to be sealed.
  • You can’t use strong cleaning products.

Myths about limestone wall cladding

Here we will discuss some common myths about limestone wall cladding that you must stop believing. One of the popular myths is that it is expensive. Some other popular myths are – limestone wall cladding releases toxic fumes, it is only for interior walls and it needs rigorous maintenance and expensive installation.

How to clean limestone wall cladding?

Remember that different stones have different properties. Henceforth, the cleaning method for different types of stones is also different. Here we will discuss the cleaning method of limestone wall cladding.

Limestone is prone to strains and it absorbs water quickly. So, with mild-free detergents, wash all the spots immediately.

Final thoughts

Limestone is a trendy choice for wall cladding because it is strong, dense and weather-resistant. Unlike others, limestone wall cladding is a better option because limestone lasts for centuries. Numerous alternatives are available for wall cladding. You can select the one based on your expectations and bankroll. Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone distributor recognised for providing high-quality natural stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of limestone wall cladding?

Its major purpose is to protect your walls from extreme weather conditions.

Q. How long does limestone wall cladding last?

Limestone is a highly durable material and it lasts for an average of 100 years.

Q. Does limestone wall cladding require high care and maintenance?

No, it only requires simple care and maintenance.

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