Which Is More Durable Granite Planks vs Sandstone Planks vs Limestone Planks?

Granite Planks vs Sandstone Planks vs Limestone Planks

Whether you believe it or not, Natural Stone Planks play a vital role in our lives. Be it your porch, patio or your house, natural stone plank tiles can be used anywhere and everywhere. This is because they are a combination of a variety of minerals and natural products. They are an accessory to the class, shine and poise of your house. 

What makes these stones so valuable? Why are they so expensive? They are so exquisite because they are perfectly blended by the beauty of nature. These stones are stuffed with minerals and a variety of natural ingredients that makes them durable and long lasting. These are found in the various forms, but the ones most popularly used are granite, limestones and sandstones. 

Let us understand what characteristics classify them and how. 

Sandstone Planks

Sandstones are considered as one of the most sought after flooring rock tiles in the world. They are mainly used to make pavements and market floors, sidewalks, etc. Mainly, they are used to make floors that are in use extensively. They are a perfect blend of nature that gives you sea beach look, golden brown shades give it rough look, that most people want in their gardens. 

Before we discuss on the limestone and granite, let us understand what are the pros and cons of using a sandstone.


  • They are naturally beautiful 
  • Durable in use 
  • They have unique colours and textures 
  • They can be replaced easily 
  • Long Lasting 


  • Many experts believe that using natural stone plank tiles are as a risk as they are advantageous. They opine that since sandston is natural stone, its making and formation is not in the hands of humans. Though it has been claimed that they are highly durable and can survive any environmental adversities, it is also true that can succumb to ntatural calamities as they are not designed and by humans. 
  • Since sandstones have a lot of minerals in them, their water soaking capacity is also high. 
  • Sandtones, though made of rocks, are highly sensitive as well. They are softrocks and therefore are prone to a scratches. 
  • Everything given by nature is also taken away by nature. The same goes with Sandstones as well. With time they age with time and are prone to break. 
  • Lastly, they are slippery when they are wet. Therefore, if you are residing in a coastal area which is under constant cover of heavy rains, think before you opt for sandstones to be installed in your porch or patio. 

Limestone Planks

Add a chick capture to your living room with limestones. Classy, cool and charismatic can be easily used to define the look of a limestone plank. These are one natural stones which are affordable. If you want to go for a complete natural look for your home, then no choice is better than a limestone. 

However, with every positive personality trait, this stone also has some cons. Let me walk you through the pros and cons of using a limestone plank. 


  • Limestone is a highly affordable stone 
  • The soft light colors of the limestone  make it one of the most sought after stones for your interior decor 
  • Adds on to your home value 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Durable 
  • Longlasting 


Though limestone is one of the best naturally blended stones in the world, they too have their cons. Let us look at them: 

  • Limestone though cheaper than other natural stones, is expensive than artificial stones. 
  • Sine these are not for rough and tough use, they need a lot of care and maintenance. 
  • Their range varies according to the density of the stone. Lower the density more chances are they are likely to break.

Granite Planks 

Unlike limestone and sandstone which are sedimentary rocks, Granite is a igneous rock. Granites are mostly formed from molten magma. When the Magma erupts from the earth’s crust, it cools and solidifies. This results in the formation of granites. These can be also called as volcanic rocks. Granites are a multi-purpose rock which can be used in the exterior and the interior of your house. Take a look at their pros and cons.


  • Granites are highly heat resistant therefore are mostly used as kitchen platforms. 
  • Their another feature of being resistant to scratches, makes them even more durable and suitable for rough use. 
  • Since they are easy to handle they are also at maintenance. 
  • They look elegant and are pocket friendly.


Granites are rocks that are most commonly found in every household. But did you know that this rock has some cons as well? Take a look:  

  • If it needs mending, it can be done only through a professional. 
  • Since they are long lasting, they are a one time fix. 
  • Though they are heat and scratch resistant, if nor handled properly, they are also prone to stains. These stains if not removed on time, they get permanently marked on these lovely stones. This naturally hampers the look of your house. 
  • It is obvious that it can easily crack once hit hard. 
  • It requires additional structure support. 
  • Difficult to remove. 

Granite, Sandstone and Limestone are equally loved for your home décor. This blog gives you a thorough comparison on which is more durable and why. Therefore, choose wisely and make your home look classy. At Stone Footing, the leading wholesaler of Granite, Sandstone and Limestone planks with all possible finishes at best prices, we provide our customers personalized choices based on thicknesses, shape, and appearance. We also maintain track of comparisons and timely shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use granite as a flooring?

A. Yes you can. Depends on where you want to put it.

Q. Can sandstones be used to pave gardens? 

A. Yes, since they are suitable to any weather condition, they can be used in gardens.

Q. Are limestones heat resistant? 

A. Yes they are heat resistant. 

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