How To Lay A Natural Stone Plank Tile?

Planning to renovate your house, but debating whether to do it yourself or call in experts? If you listen to me, I suggest that working your own way is the best path to choose when you plan to have your dream decor in your nest. 

Now, are you thinking about how to lay the plank tiles and stones without any expert guidance? Hey, here we are with a complete guide on how to lay a stone plank tile all by yourself. Take a look. 

What Is a Natural Stone Plank?  

To begin with, firstly, let us understand what a Natural Stone Plank is. It is a piece of stone made out of marble, granite or quartz. But what makes it stand different from other stones is that it is completely blended by nature. They can be moulded into any shapes and sizes as you want them to be. Then, you can use them to tile your floor, walls, gardens and get an elegant look for your home. 

Now that you know what Natural Stone Planks are, let us understand how to lay them.

Laying a Natural Stone Plank Tile 

Who said it takes a village to lay a Natural Stone Plank Tile? Don’t worry, the process of laying any natural stone plank tile is very simple. You just need to get the technique right. Follow these steps that will guide you about laying a natural stone plank tile. 

Step 1 – Get rid of your old flooring 

It is obvious that to install new flooring or wall tiles, you have to remove the previous ones. So, break off the previously installed tiles and make the floor/wall even. 

Step 2 – Make the surface ready

The second and the most important step is preparing your surface or wall. Once you uninstall all the previously installed tiles, clean up the wall or the surface thoroughly making sure that there is not dirt on them. To ensure that the cleaning is done properly, you can also use acid based cleansers. However, rinse the surface very thoroughly with water so that no cleansing liquid remains on the surface.

Step 3 – Fixing it right 

After cleaning the subfloor, spread the tile adhesive on the floor evenly. You can use a spreader to a trowler to make your work convenient. 

Step 4  –  Laying your Natural Stone Plank Tile

Coming to the main part of the process, after you have evenly spread the glue on the surface, place our tile on it in such a manner that it remains flat on the ground. You can then use a leveller to even the tile surface so the tile is glued straight flat. Continue laying tiles one after the other, in rows and columns based on your desired design.

Step 5 – Resting Period 

Once all the tiles are laid, give them a curing period of 24-48 hours. 

The curing period for the tiles is needed so that they get glued to the surface properly, reducing the chances of tiles getting cracked or misplaced after installation.

Step 6 – The Final Step

Post the resting period, the concluding step is applying sealer. You can choose a sealer of your choice. However, ensure that you use the right tools and the right technique to spread the sealer on your tiles. 

Hurray! You have now successfully laid the Natural Stone Plank Tiles in your house. But, things don’t end here. Let me guide you through the precautions you need to take while laying Natural Stone Plank Tiles.

Necessary Measures to Take While Laying Natural Stone Plank Tile: 

The below mentioned precautions if taken will smoothen your tile laying process.

  • Make sure that the surface that you are installing your tiles on is even and clean.
  • It should be helpful in easily removing the previously installed tiles, without causing harm on its surface. This will help prevent any damage to the new Natural Stone Plank tiles.
  • Check, crosscheck and verify the measurements , before you ask for cuts in the Natural Stone Plank Tile. This is because, once cut, it will not be able to rejoin the cut tiles and can make your job tougher.
  • Always follow all the manufacturer instructions issued on all the products. 


Laying the Natural Stone Plank tile is not an herculin’s task. What is needed is just the right measurements and the right techniques. With all done correctly, your house is ready to give you all the classic look you have been looking for. 

Consult our team at Stone Footing, the leading wholesaler of Natural Stone in the UK and other European Countries, about your project’s aims and unique requirements so that you may make the best long-lasting decision possible, one that you can enjoy for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tile adhesive?

A tile adhesive is a special type of glue used to stick tiles on the walls and floors

Can a Natural Stone Plank tile be cut in any shapes and sizes? 

Yes, any Natural Stone Plank Tiles can be cut into any shapes and sizes according to your requirements.

Is it easy to lay a Natural Stone Plank tile? 

Yes, it is very easy to lay a Natural Stone Plank tile. It can be laid in merely 6 simple steps, if followed correctly.

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