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Pergolas Vs. Patios: What’s The Difference?

Pergolas Vs. Patios

Are you planning to invite your friends for a cozy gathering? You can plan for a gathering in the patio or a pergola outside your house. Sounds exciting right? But don’t have one. You can develop one right. So, now the question arises, what to make – a patio or a pergola. 

We are here with a solution to your problem! We have highlighted the basic qualities, pros and cons of these two in this blog. Read this useful guide to make up your mind whether you want a patio or a pergola for your porch. 

Let’s have a look at it.

What is Pergola?

“Pergola” has its origin from Italy. It is an outer structure in your yard which helps support climbing plants. It is a naturally shaded outdoor area and is also attached to the house. They were originally largely ornamental and freestanding and are a much more sturdy construction. 

Advantages of using a Pergola

  • Fits your pockets 
  • DIY – Use them according to your convenience 
  • Durable – Long-lasting 
  • Gives a dynamic look to your open garden space 
  • Adds poise to your house

Disadvantages of using a Pergola

  • Since they are elite stones, they need to be maintained 
  • Fades with time 
  • At the risk of termite attacks 
  • Not an added asset 
  • Not the first choice 

What is a Patio?

“Patio” is a Spanish word that refers to a roofless inner courtyard. With time, the word was adapted to English and is described as a gathering area at the back of the house just outside the back door. It is built with timber and is held up with at least four supports and comes in a variety of roofing.

Why use Patios? 

  • Adaptable to any weather conditions 
  • Additional comfort flooring 
  • Adds value to your home
  • Adds resale value

Why not use Patios?

  • Covered patios are not pocket friendly 
  • Available in limited designs
  • Space constraints
  • Fragile

Now you understand what Pergola and Patio are, along with their advantages and disadvantages. So we will move forward with the differences between them to make it easy for you in choosing the ideal one. 

Difference Between Pergolas Vs. Patios:

  1. A pergola is designed to be a natural, permanent, and enhancing feature of the garden, beautifying it and making it versatile. On the other hand, a patio is contemporarily designed to expand your home’s usable space and turn your garden into an additional room.
  2. Pergolas aren’t expensive as compared to patios. A patio is more expensive.
  3. Pergolas are created from actual steel and are sturdier. On the other hand, patios are often created with a type of wood to blend into the general theme.
  4. A pergola is typically a decorative wooden rack set that serves to create a shade. And the patio is the area where you stand, perhaps bricked, wooden or concrete.
  5. Modern pergolas can be made of wood, metal, or polycarbonate plastic while  Modern patio designs are perfect for providing a custom-made venue for gatherings, parties, and relaxation. 

6. Pergolas require more regular maintenance so they are less durable and lasting. On the other hand, patios are durable and long-lasting and require less maintenance.

Which one is right for you?

Before choosing between Patio and Pergola you need to look at your budget and then decide accordingly. Sometimes space is an issue or sometimes a small, wooden patio might be more suitable for your residence. You also look for features you want for your outdoor area. If you were looking to add a sunroof option, then you should go for a pergola. 

Other available options:

Patios and Pergolas are the main options for you but it doesn’t mean there are no other options available. Having an awning is a very cheap way of covering your outdoor area, especially if you are not in the mood of getting a permanent structure. You can consider these options as well. 

Now your friends have gone home and after reading this blog, you now know the difference between patios and pergolas. No matter which one you choose, you will be enjoying the outdoor experience more than you have ever before. Both patios and pergolas will make your place an ideal place where you can entertain yourself with your friends and family as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In what style and shape are your patios?

A. The shape of the patio may vary greatly. Endless options are available for you, including standard rectangular design, unique curves, and many more. The style of your patio can be determined only by the completion of its construction.

Q. Which spot will be best to place a pergola?

A. Pergola can be placed near the home, near the pool, or as a shade for an outdoor kitchen. Sun and wind can also be a factor in pergola placement.

Q. What materials are used in Pergola designs? 

A. Timber, metal, aluminum, bricks and stones, and wood are some materials used in making pergola designs. 

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