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Veneer Stone Vs Natural Stone : Which is Best

Veneer Stone Vs Natural Stone : Which Is Best

There is a big difference between veneer and natural stone appearance and properties. In this blog, we will discuss which is great for you veneer stone vs natural stone. Moreover, here we will also discuss the meaning, worth, pros and cons of both of them.

About Veneer Stone

Veneer stone is a thin layer of stone used for protection and decoration. Sometimes it is also referred to as stone cladding or siding. Whether veneer stone is ideal for my house or not is a subjective question. If you wish to increase the resale value of your house, then it is great for you. When you resell your home, you will get approx. 97% of your installation cost back.

Veneer stone is also good if you are not reselling your home soon. A veneer stone exterior or interior is something that adds 4 moons to your home. There are numerous veneer stone options to choose from. Meanwhile, you can select from numerous colors, textures, styles and mortar. Besides this, you can also select from several shades of black, tan, greys etc.

Types of Veneer Stone

Veneer stone is generally of three types. Namely, faux stone, naturally thin and full bed veneer stone. All of these types are made from different materials and have different thicknesses. 

Pros of Veneer Stone

Nevertheless, the cost is the most priceless merit of veneer stone. It is also a good investment because it adds long-term price value. Furthermore, these stones are also lightweight. Consequently, you can easily transport, handle and install them. Another major advantage is durability. 

In addition to this, veneer stone is fire-resistant, recyclable, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

About of Natural Stone

Natural stone is great for flooring, countertops, driveways, patio etc. In short, it refers to organic rock quarried from the earth. Commonly natural stone is used for decorative or building purposes. Natural stone is of numerous kinds. Namely, granite, marble, slate, sandstone, limestone and a lot more. Moreover, it is offered in various colors and patterns  It is used in homes because of its several practical benefits. Unlike artificial products, natural stone products require low-maintenance and are durable. So, it is recommended to invest time and money in them.

Veneer Stone Vs Natural Stone

Besides these mentioned pros and cons, there are several other differences between these two. Here is a brief description of the top 3 differences.

 1. Structural use

Veneer stone is very weak and not suggested for building purposes. Meanwhile, it can hold up its weight but not any additional weight. So, this stone is not ideal for flooring. 

Contrary to it, natural stone is ideal to be used structurally. Natural stones like travertine are commonly used for walls, pathways and flooring.

 2. Size and thickness

Full dimension veneer stone is around 2-6 inches thick. As compared to natural stone, it is half of its weight. Furthermore, its face sizes can be up to 14 inches in diameter.

On the same token, the face sizes of the natural stone depends on the type of stone. Henceforth, it is approx.18 inches in diameter. 

3. Installation procedures

The installation procedure of natural and veneer stone depends on weight and density. Unlike natural stone, veneer stone is lightweight and porous. Consequently, it is easier to cut and maintain it.

Differences between the two at a glance

These 5 points will tell the basic differences between both of them.

  • The material cost of stone veneer and natural stone is equal.
  • The installation cost of veneer stone is less than natural stone.
  • Veneer stone has more extensive color options than natural stone.
  • Natural stone is heavier than its competitor.
  • Veneer stone offers a warm touch but natural stone gives you a cool touch. 

Bottom line

Veneer stone vs natural stone which is great depends on your preference. To conclude we can say veneer stone is the best. This is true because it offers maximum flexibility at the minimum cost. However, if your focus is on high-end installation, then natural stone is also not bad. Remember, purchase any of them only after considering various factors. For instance, their size, your requirements, budget, etc. If you are in the market of searching for a strong, resilient and versatile tile, then look no further. Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone distributor recognised for providing high-quality natural stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Veneer stone vs natural stone- which is easy to clean?

Unlike veneer, natural stone is inexpensive to clean and maintain.

Q. Veneer stone vs natural stone- which is expensive in India?

In India, veneer stone is more inexpensive than natural stone.

Q. Veneer stone vs natural stone- which stone is easier to repair?

In addition to repair, veneer stone is also ideal to replace easily.

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