Why Should One Choose Granite For House Flooring?

Why Should One Choose Granite For House Flooring?

Granite has such a lovely appearance that homeowners wishing to refurbish their houses can’t help but fall in love with the beauty and style Granite tiles have to offer, as well as its affordability. It is absolutely outstanding in terms of house flooring, but it is also adaptable.

Besides, few stones have the majesty and character of granite. With so many color and treatment options, this stone works well in both classic and contemporary houses, as well as rustic décor schemes. While it is not the most inexpensive material available, it is incredibly reliable and will repay you with its magnificence for as long as you own your house.

Then, if you think granite countertops would improve the beauty of your house, wait till you see what granite flooring can achieve!

So, what is it about granite tiles that entice so many of us?

Reasons Why One Should Choose Granite For House Flooring


The reality that granite tiles are incredibly sturdy is one of the most frequent reasons for supporting them. Granite, a natural igneous rock, is one of the world’s most enduring rocks. It has a high quartz concentration and penetrability, which makes it challenging to shatter or corrode. Granite tiles are great for flooring due to their strength, as they can sustain severe weights without splitting.

Natural Material

Granite tiles, as previously stated, are natural stone tiles. This is another unique selling factor for clients since many prefer organic substances over man-made ones in their houses. This might be for various reasons, such as finding them more robust and durable or environmental considerations.

Visual Harmony

Granite tiles will offer a property an elegant appearance. Although it may not stand out as much as marble flooring, granite is less costly and less susceptible to ordinary foot activity. The granules in each granite tile provide uniqueness to the floor, and its elegant look will make your guests green with envy. It is entirely up to you to select the granite color and style. Typically, homeowners discover the ideal complement for space with either black or white granite tile flooring.


Granite is tough to scrape. In fact, granite is more scratch-resistant than marble and mahogany. Pets or general furniture movement should not harm the granite. Granite is also resistant to heat. Because it is not affected by sunlight, granite tiling may be laid outside.

Resale Value

Like initially said, home builders frequently add granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms because they know that home buyer would search for this feature while exploring available houses. Prospective buyers with larger budgets may look for granite flooring, which real estate professionals all around the United Kingdom are familiar with. Home appraisers that perform complete property valuation assessments note the presence of the stone, especially when similar properties lack this amenity.


Is there someone in your family who suffers from allergies or asthma? Granite tiles may minimise their problems. You may lessen the number of allergies in your house by cleaning your granite floors regularly.

The beneficial benefits can do a lot more than just minimizing the number of times you have a sinus infection or an irritated throat. Poor indoor air quality is a severe health hazard, according to the EPA. Living in a house with poor indoor air quality increases the risk of cancer, respiratory ailments, and cardiac issues in the long run.

Cleaning your granite tiles every few days is advised to eliminate pet dander, pollen, grime, and other common allergens. You can extend the life of your granite flooring by wiping them once a week.


Granite is often one of the most affordable alternatives available, so if you are working with a limited budget, Granite tiles are the outstanding options to consider. Granite is often less expensive per square foot than most other materials.

Well, In the end, these are all just a few of the reasons why so many people pick granite tiles. Those hoping to learn more should visit a local granite tile provider and look at some granite tiles in person. People operating there will gladly assist prospective clients with samples and other information about granite tiles, and the consumer will understand why they are so unique.

Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone distributor recognised for providing high-quality natural stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a granite floor pricey? 

Granite is among the most costly flooring materials available. In fact, even marble is often less expensive. While low-cost granite flooring is available at hardware stores, it is generally of lesser quality stone that misses the elegance and longevity of better grades.

Is the granite flooring spiffy? 

Granite has a high quartz concentration but is particularly slippery in wet situations due to the other elements that compose the rock being quickly beaten down during the aggressive polishing process.

Can tiles be used to cover stairwells? 

The use of matte ceramic tiles in a single color is a basic yet effective staircase tile design for the household. Monochromatic tiles give your house steps a clean and fresh appearance. This method works exceptionally well on wide staircases.

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