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Which Cobblestone Is Best For A Driveway?

Which cobblestone is best for a driveway

Hey, human has felt the need to travel since the beginning of civilization. Whether long-distance or local, roads are constructed around the world by civilizations, paved with varied materials. For centuries, one thing that has become popular for streets and sidewalks is cobblestone.

Do you know what cobblestone is? Yes, a natural building material used for streets and pavement roads. This naturally rounded stone is smaller than a boulder but greater than a pebble. In this article, we will discuss, is it good for driveways, different types of cobblestones used for driveways and which one is the best for the driveway?

Is it ideal for a driveway?

Cobblestone pavers are not cheap. However, they are durable and elegant. Furthermore, cobblestone pavers are great for those looking for long-lasting driveways. Is there any difference between a stone and a cobblestone?

Nice question. Yes, they both are different. In simple words, unlike stone, cobblestone is stronger and has a longer mining time.

Why should you prefer cobblestone for the driveway paving project?

The following reasons will help you to understand why cobblestone is great for your driveway paving project.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

No wonder, driveways are a matter of curb appeal. Natural stones are pleasing when you invest a lot in them. Cobblestone pavers made from natural stones increase the reselling value of your property. One of its significant components is the driveway.

2. Easy to install

No matter whether they are rectangular or square stone pieces, cobblestones are easy to install. If looking for a complex design in your driveway, then it is good to hire an expert contractor.

3. High-load bearing capacity

Cobblestone pavers are natural materials that can bear high or heavy loads. If installed properly, it can bear the load of numerous vehicles.

Is cobble stone for driveway paving expensive?

Yes, as compared to other methods, cobble stone for driveway paving is the most expensive. Cobblestone costs will total out anywhere from $40-75 per square ft. if you have a cobblestone installation done by any licensed professional.

Is it easy to maintain the cobblestones driveways?

If you wish that your driveway looks the best, then maintenance is a must. No worries, some tips that will help you in this task are as follows.

1. Regularly sweep the surface

With a standard broom, give the driveway a thorough sweeping once or twice a month. Keep an eye on the cracks between stones and clear off all the dust, dirt and gravel.

2. Scrub away dirt

If possible, remove the dirt with a spray. Or else, use warm water, a mild dish wash and a sponge to remove the accumulation.

3. Apply sealant

It is good for repelling stains but it is not compulsory.

Which cobblestone is great for the driveway?

Nevertheless, one of the best cobblestones driveways is Granite Cobblestone. It can withstand the heavyweight of numerous automobiles. This quality makes it a great construction material for a driveway. As compared to the present cobblestones, reclaimed ones are narrower and longer.

Different reasons why it is ideal for your driveway are as follows. It is a beautiful and highly dense material. Besides this, granite cobblestone for driveway is the hardest paving material and it is 95% stain resistant.

Types of cobblestones used for driveways

The top 5 types of cobblestones driveways are as follows-

1. Granite cobblestone

It is popular for its versatility and durability. Consequently, it is one of the most common materials for building projects. Various reasons are available why you wish to consider getting granite cobblestone for your construction projects.

For instance- It is easy to maintain its look, color and shape for years. For maintaining them, you are only required to get them washed occasionally.

2. Concrete cobblestone

As cobblestone should be prepared only of natural stones, so they are not a trusted cobblestone material. They are similar to tiles and became the budget-friendly version of real cobblestones. Furthermore, concrete cobblestone is popular because it lasts for decades.

3. Bluestone cobblestone

Don’t go by its name, it is not always blue. It is great to lift the weight of numerous machinery and vehicles. Moreover, bluestone cobblestone is a favorite for landscaping, borders and driveways. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t require constant sealing.

Note- For fruitful outcomes, avoid power washing bluestone cobblestone.

4. Charcoal cobblestone

For your building project, it is an interesting material. This cobblestone is a priority to work with outdoor areas in the home because of its rough finish.

Before investing your money, consider where you will use this material? Unlike other materials, it is more resistant to corrosion. To clean them, no special chemicals or cleaners are required.

5. Belgian cobblestone

Belgian blocks or Belgian cobblestone are cube-shaped stones. In length and height, they are 10-12 inches. Unlike others, Belgian cobblestone is most durable because of its priceless properties. Due to this durability, they don’t break or crack when you wash them at the high setting.

What Does driveway paving cobbles look like?

In today’s world, the term cobblestone comes to mean multiple things. However, its true meaning is small natural stones used for paving. Driveway paving cobbles are used for their aesthetic charm and are usually round in shape.

Therefore, if you’re hunting for high-quality natural stone for residential or commercial applications, look no further. Connect with Stone Footing, a natural stone wholesaler recognised for providing high-quality natural stone made cobblestones in different sizes and finishes..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost to make a cobblestone driveway?

A. Approximately it will cost between $20-70 per square ft.

Q. Are you required to seal cobblestone?

A. “Yes”, you need to seal it.

Q. Which cobblestone is perfect for my driveway?

A. Granite cobblestone is recommended to give your driveway a special appeal.

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