What Are Different Granite Finishes and Their Applications?

What Are Different Granite Finishes and Their Applications

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Granite countertops are visually beautiful, long-lasting, hygienic, and simple to maintain. With so many advantages, selecting granite over other materials is frequently simple.

Yet, the options do not stop there. Granite countertops are available in a range of surface modifications, and the sheer quantity of alternatives might be bewildering. Polished, Honed, and Brushed granite finishes are the most common.

Types Of Granite Finishes

Polished Finish

The most popular countertop treatment for this natural stone is polished granite. Polishing imparts a high-gloss, reflecting sheen to the granite slab. Many homeowners anticipate a shiny surface with a mirror-like gloss when they think of granite worktops. This surface polish creates a good impression and showcases the richness of the stone. 

Furthermore, polished stone surfaces are easier to maintain than others. Polished granite finish requires less resealing than other types of granite.

Flamed Finish

Flamed granite is uncommon, yet it produces a distinct surface that is particularly popular for outdoor kitchens. To achieve this surface, the granite is burned to extremely high temperatures in a regulated grinding process, causing the stone’s grains to rupture and change color. This method results in a coarser, textured surface with a natural, fading look. Typically, flamed granite provides subdued hues. 

Flamed finishes work well in damp locations, like exposed outdoor kitchens, but may also be utilized indoors.

Honed Finish

Choose a honed appearance for a dramatic satin finish. Honed granite finish has the appearance of a buffed or matte surface and can be semi-polished if needed. Honed granite is an excellent choice for a modern kitchen countertop or flooring, thanks to its inherent strength and slip-resistant characteristics, which make it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Brushed Finish

Brushed granite, on the other hand, should be cleaned regularly to minimize discoloration. Adding polish to this sort of granite finish can help reduce absorbency and stains significantly. While brushed granite is commonly used for exterior installations, this is becoming progressively fashionable for homeowners to utilize in kitchens and bathrooms.

Bush Hammered Finish

The bush-hammered finish is less prevalent than polished, honed, and leathered finishes, yet it’s worth considering. This finish is achieved by striking the surface with an instrument that resembles a meat tenderizing hammer and has pyramidal tips. A bush-hammered finish has a softly leathery texture that simulates naturally worn stone. The natural hue of the stone is sometimes lightened by bush pounding.

Caressed Finish

The caressed finish is made by taking the leathered finish and adding some shine to it. To achieve this, the elevated regions of the stone are polished, resulting in a gloss on those surfaces. This aesthetic is both beautiful and rustic. This technique also closes the pores of the rock, protecting it from moisture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all granite gleaming? 

Other granite countertops may look shinier than yours because certain granite kinds take a shine better and become more glossy when polished. Darker granite hues, such as blues, blacks, and greens, can also look more gleaming.

How can I tell whether my granite has been polished? 

Polished granite has a glossy, mirror-like surface that reflects light beautifully and brings out the distinct characteristics of your stone. The cover looks flawless and faultless, and the colors appear brighter and more profound. 

How does one make granite smooth and gleaming? 

Pour a little cooking oil on a soft cleaning cloth and rub it around the countertop to shine it up. Gently buff it. It renders the countertop stain-resistant and adds a glossy finish to it.  

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