Modak Sandstone: Perfect For Both Traditional And Contemporary Designs.

Modak sandstone

Modak Sandstone, as it is commonly known, is a magnificent combination of pink, rose, honey, and terracotta hues. It’s a famous stone because of its natural look, which will mix in with any setting. With a light backdrop and unusual pink veining, Modak Sandstone offers a stunning color combination. Modak Sandstone’s colors include reddish oranges, pinks, and even soft yellows, mixing to create a unique look.

Modak Sandstone tiles are chosen for their deep color, surface roughness, and long-lasting sturdiness. This series will create a unique design statement in any living area, with a honed or natural face surface. They may be utilized to produce a dramatic impression in various settings, including as a feature wall or the main floor of a living room. Because of the unique properties of hand quarried natural stone, each piece has a distinct appearance and may differ in color, texture, and thickness from other pieces of the same stone. Modak sandstone slabs are fantastic for patio and garden pavement. They are designed to provide a uniform distribution for convenient installation.


Modak Sandstone is erosion and corrosion tolerant and acid and alkali resistant. It is used in roofing, flooring, pavement, paneling, beams, pillars, doors, and window sills, among other things. Modak Sandstone is offered in a variety of finishes to suit varied uses, including natural cleft, flamed, polished, honed, bush hammered, sawn, acid washed, antique finish, and sandblasted.


  • Large sandstone blocks as cornerstones and architectural elements 
  • As an ornamental stone 
  • Used for chimney surrounds, paneling, and pathway edging. 
  • As a carpeting and drywall solution in the companies that are involved in chemical tasking
  • It is used to make arches, pillars, fountains, garden furniture, and stone goods since it is simple to cut and carve.


Modak Sandstone is widely used in interior and exterior décor, both in residential and commercial buildings, and it possesses various properties that contribute to its global appeal. Several of these benefits are described below: 

  • Suitable for All Seasons: The rustic and neutral tones of natural sandstone allow it to emit warmth in cold weather while remaining calm in hot weather.
  • Durability: Sandstone may be sealed, and properly sealed sandstone can survive adverse weather conditions, environmental variables, and human activity. Sealing avoids seepage and corrosion, extending the life of the system. 
  • Because sandstone is easy to carve and cut, it may readily adapt to the required shape, size, and form. This allows it to fit perfectly or as expected in the intended area. This characteristic is not found in many other natural stones.
  • Sandstone, mainly red and pink sandstone like Modak sandstone, has a naturally anti-slip surface. As a result, it is an excellent choice for paving. Modak Sandstone is typically used in pathways, driveways, pool decks, and other areas where water is present. Furthermore, because sandstone is easy to work with, the required anti-skid treatment may be simply applied to its surface. 
  • Replacement Ease: While practically all-natural stones can be changed, Modak sandstone is amongst the ones that can be done with minimum effort.
  • Modak Sandstone is flexible not only in terms of its fascinating colors, but also in terms of uses. Sandstone may be utilized in practically all types of landscape design as well as commercial and residential building projects, from wall cladding and pavement to constructing ornamental products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sandstone tiles a wise choice? 

External sandstone tiles are not only long-lasting, but they are also a pretty versatile alternative in terms of application. They look great on patios and garden walks. They are porous, as opposed to porcelain, which means their durability is significantly reduced. 

What exactly is Modak sandstone paving?

Modak is a soothing, nice-looking pinkish color with warm color tones of yellows and oranges that gives it a charming appearance. Because of the nature of the natural stone, there may be slight color variations with tones and patterns.

How can you remove rust from sandstone? 

If rust has seeped into your sandstone surfaces, there is a simple approach to remove it. Dampen a sponge and dab it with a few drops of essential dishwashing soap. Wipe away the rust stain on the sandstone with it. 

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